Updated 1.2.17

Registration for
2017 is Saturday, January 21st at Leigh High School in room 26. Players can turn in forms, register on line or will simply check in with staff. After that, they will head down to the field for coaching sessions.

U14/U12/U10/U8 Team registration is from 12-1 p.m. Player
evaluations* will be at the field from 1-2:30. We will have loaner sticks available. If you have registered online or mailed in paperwork, you will still need to stop by to check in.

U16/19 Team registration is from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Player
evaluations* will be at the field from 2:30-4:00. If you have registered online or mailed in paperwork, you will still need to stop by to check in.

NOTE: If you registered online, you will still need to drop off your completed waivers

are for the coaches to see what level each player is at. It is NOT a tryout. This will allow coaches to place players into groups depending upon experience and level of play. For the U12 and younger ages, most players will be new to the sport.

NOTE: Players under 10 (ages 7-9) as of January 1, 2017 qualify for the U10 team. Players under 14 as of January 1, 2017 qualify for the U-14 or U-12 teams. Players ages 14-19 as of January 1, 2017 will qualify for the U-19 and U-16 teams. Online registration is also available and all on one site for a small fee. See below information below:


Be sure to bring all required registration materials and be ready to play. New players will be able to check out sticks for the season. Listed below is what each player needs to bring to practice:

Required to play:

  • Complete registration form (Incomplete forms will not be accepted. Players will not be allowed to participate until ALL completed registration forms are received)
  • shin guards (soccer style will work)
  • athletic shoes (soccer style cleats or similar will work as well as tennis shoes)
  • mouth guard (available at sports stores)
  • stick (loaners are available for new players)

NOTE: For new U10/12/14 players, Longstreth Sports offers great package deals that includes a stick, shinguards, ball and mouthguard. Check it out. If stick sizes are limited, you can look on the website for other offers or talk to a customer service representative. They are super helpful You would still need soccer socks to wear with the shin guards.


Competition Team-
Everyone the registers for Stryker Field Hockey Club is placed on the Competition Team. Players will receive over 20 hours of instruction and also game experience in a variety of tournaments. Coaches are assigned specific levels with age level Head Coaches that plan curriculum and work with other coaches to create a consistent and positive learning environment. Fees cover supplies, USFHA membership for the club (not individual membership dues), insurance coverage, tournament entry fees, coaching and field space. Sibling discounts are available ($25). Costs for the various age levels are listed below:
  • U8/U10 $200 (3 tournaments)
  • U12 $250 (4 tournaments)
  • U14/U16/U19 $300 (5 tournaments)

Training Team-Thursday training sessions are given as an additional opportunity to work on skills and will focus much of the time on conditioning, agility, strength, and flexibility. All of these components are necessary for field hockey. This team is available for all U19, U16 and U14 players. The Training Team Head Coach and other coaches are excited to get our players in game shape. These training sessions are available for all age levels and will include an additional 16 hours of training for over 36 hours of instruction. Players must be motivated and ready to work hard. The cost of joining the Training Team is $75 (in addition to registration costs). Simply check the box on your application and add that fee to your registration payment.

Elite Team-
This is open to U16 and U19 players that want to see if they can play field hockey in college and/or simply play at their highest level. You DO NOT need to be at that level yet, but you might want to see if you have the potential. Players must be motivated and prepared to work hard. The elite team will meet on Tuesday evenings from 6-7:30 p.m. at Campbell Middle School where they will be playing indoor hockey and have classroom sessions. They will also have several outdoor sessions at Leigh High School toward the end of the season. Players will focus on skills, participate in video discussion sessions, look at the mental game, keep a journal for goal setting and personal evaluation and be expected to work on skills outside of the practice sessions. Players will be personally mentored on the steps needed to have the possibility to play in college. We want to help your child be in the best possible position to be recruited. The minimum coach to player ratio is 10:1 (but may be even lower depending on the number of players). Cost of the Elite team is an additional $100. This fee is in addition to the general registration and Training Team costs (all Elite Team participants must register for the Thursday Training Team). Elite Team participants will have over 50 hours of instruction available.


Online Competitive and Training Team Registration: We are offering online registration. There is a 6% processing fee but all forms (except for tournament waivers) are included and you can pay with a credit card. Information for paper registration is listed at the bottom of this page. Online registration is available for Competition and Training Teams only. To register for the Elite Team, you must turn in a separate form and an additional fee (see below). There is a $25 sibling discount as well. Check out the following link to register for Competition and Training Teams: Stryker Online Registration Opened 1/5/17

Elite Team Registration-First, register for both Competitive and Training Teams. Then fill out this form and return a check at registration or practice or mail it to the address on the form. Your payment will be held until final selections and commitment has been made to the team. Turn in the form and payment even if you are simply interested. Elite Team Registration Application

Uniforms-If you are new to the club, you will need to order a uniform. All U19, U16, U14 and U12 players are encouraged to order the team uniform (pink and black tops and a black skirt), however U10 and younger players can simply order the reversible top or wear solid pink and black shirts. Uniform Order Sheet updated 1.17.17

Waivers-These must be filled out and returned at Registration. If you signed up online, you will still need to bring the waivers in order to complete the registration process. If you are filling out hard copies of the registration, simply paperclip the waivers to the back of the registration forms.
Gilroy Indoor Tournament Waiver (All age level team players)
Cal Tournament Waiver (U19, U16, U14, U12 team players only)
Stanford Tournament Waiver (U19, U16, U14 team players only)
UOP Tournament Waiver (U19, U16, U14 team players only)
East Bay Tournament Waiver (U12 team players only
Gilroy Outdoor Tournament Waiver (All age level team players)

Hard Copy Registration Forms-For Competitive and Training Team registration, you can also fill out the forms below and mail them. The address is included on the form.
General Registration Check Off List
General Registration Form
Medical/Photo Release Form
Emergency Contact Form