Gilroy Indoor, Uniforms and Additional Teams

The Gilroy Indoor Teams are posted here and the schedules are listed below:
U10 Arrive at 8 a.m. on Sun
U12 Arrive at 11:30 a.m. on Sun
U14 Arrive at 8:30 on Sat.
U16 Arrive at 8:15 a.m. (Stryker Black only) or 10 a.m. (Stryker Pink and White)
U19 Arrive at 8:20 a.m. on Sat.

PLEASE email us ASAP if you are unable to come. Do NOT just not show up as it affects your teammates and coaches. Bring uniforms if you have them as well as reversible pinnies. Wear black shorts or skorts and INDOOR sport court (flat soled shoes NOT cleates). All other information was emailed out earlier today.

UNIFORMS-Orders close tomorrow. Get your uniform and/or extra Stryker Gear since we only do one big order per season. The link is

This is the last chance to join the training or ELITE teams. If you want to join either or both, the links are below:
ELITE team (for field players only)
Fitness Training team

First Day Success

The first day went really well. It was a little crazy with paperwork and getting the routine started but we have a lot of new players and families and a super excited to see the club and ultimately the sport grow. Just a few reminders that the waivers and Code of Conduct needs to be signed and returned before players can be put on a team. NOTE: Please print waivers on one side as we have to turn them in separately at each tournament. Also staple or paperclip everything together.

This week we will work to update the Team Snap Lists. Team Snap is how we have you sign up for tournaments and where we send our emails. Please look for an email and add any additional players information and pics to the profile.

If you have already registered and decided to add ELITE and/or training teams, the separate links are below.
ELITE small team practices
Training Team Fitness

Lastly come watch the USA play Holland. Tickets are fairly inexpensive and this is a rare opportunity. If you go on Sunday and are 12 or under (or a short 13), you can let us know and you will be able to march on the field with the players. I need to know ASAP. Here is the link for tickets.
USA Field Hockey Tickets

Also, we have the practice schedules updated. See the Schedules page and look for the age group that you need. We did have to change some Sunday practices in March and put them on Saturday due to field space. Hopefully that won’t impact people too much.

It was a great first day. Please spread the word. We would love to have more join us. We will have uniform information available soon. All players come next week from 3-5. We will do make up evaluations and lots of playing.

Go Stryker!

Registration is Up...First day is Jan. 21st.

It’s time to register for the 2018 season. All of the information is on the Registration page. Also the Tournament, and Schedule pages are up and running so be sure to mark your calendars. We are ready to start on Jan. 21st.

Gilroy Tournament Information

The teams and schedule are listed below. They will have food and snacks available for purchase. The tournament is located in the football stadium.

Gilroy Teams
Gilroy Schedule
U14 U16/12/10
NOTE: They did not list us by the team names that we requested so for U14, Stryker 1 is Chip and Stryker 2 is Dale. For U16, Stryker 1 is Black, Stryker 2 is Pink and Stryker 3 is White. Sorry for any confusion that this may cause. We had no control over this as we only got the schedule today at noon.

Styrker Tournament

Our own club tournament is finally here. There over over 20 teams involved and it is also an awesome fundraiser for our club.

The schedule and teams are listed below:

Please arrive at least 45 min. before your first game. This should be a lot of fun and a great time of hockey.

Go Stryker!!!