Berkeley Tournament

We are ready to go for this first tournament of the year. The tournament will begin with a clinic (practice session) at 7:45 sharp in the stadium. This means dressed and ready to go. Since we will be passing out uniforms and checking in players, we are asking that players come by 7:00 a.m. It is an early day, but since it is the first tournament, we need to be ready to go. Below is all of the information that you need. All of the information is also posted on our Tournaments page under Berkeley as well.

Uniforms-You will get those on Sat. If you have your own uniforms, be sure to bring both colors, socks, and shorts/skort.

There may some minor changes depending on absences. Teams List

-U19 U16 U14

What to wear/bring
-stick, mouth guard, hair bands, socks, shoes, uniform (if you already have it), jacket/sweatshirt, chair or blanket to sit on, lunch, snacks (to share?), sunscreen, water, extra set of shoes to change into. They will be selling Cal clothing and food.

-Berkeley sent us different waivers to have you fill out. Many of you brought them to practice or emailed them to us. We still need these filled out and turned in by the following people:
  • Danielle Yoshida
  • Rebecca Gordon
  • Kannyn LaBossiere
  • Chloe Selfridge
  • Jasmine Kaur
  • Mia Maminski
  • Stacie Moore
  • Grace Vertin
Here are the waiver forms. You can mail them to 4566 Napa River Ct. SJ 95136 OR scan and email them to us. If these are not filled in and turned in, you won’t be allowed to play. We do apologize for the last minute info, but we were only notified on March 5th. If you think you already gave to us, send us an email and we can check it out. It may have just been a simple oversight. :)

Locations-Memorial Field is the stadium. Witter Field is located just up the hill. You will be able to access the fields by walking up the stairs inside the stadium. Maxwell garage is where parking is available. The address is: 2205 Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704 Directions

Power Play
-FYI...for those of you that are new, this will be demonstrated and explained so don’t worry.
The "power play" will replace the penalty corner. The format is as follows:
  • Ball is placed just outside the 15 yard scoring line opposite the location of the foul.
  • All of the defensive players must move outside the scoring line, 5 yards (or more) from the ball. The GK stays in goal.
  • Offense may position players anywhere.
  • Defense may enter the scoring area as soon as the ball is played.
  • Ball must be touched by an attacker inside the scoring area in order to score a goal (No direct shots).

Long Corners will follow FIH Rules and be taken from the 25 as a free hit coming in even with where it crossed the end line

IMPORTANT: There is no Sat. practice at Leigh due to the coaches attending the tournament. We will send out Davis information early next week.


This Latest News Update has a lot of important information. Please read carefully and let us know if you have any questions. We will be giving you information on:
1)Tuesday Practices
2)Practice Information on Tournament weekends
3)General Tournament Information
4)Getting on Remind (to receive text messages)
5)Uniform information
6)Elite Team
6)Cal Cup

Tuesday Practices-We are scheduled to begin Tuesday practices on March 24th. They will run from 5:30-7:00 and will will focus on conditioning, strength, footwork, stick skills and end with a scrimmage. Players will meet up on the grass field (by softball) and end on the turf. NOTE: We know that kids are involved in a lot of midweek activities. These practices are NOT required and we don’t need an email if you can’t come. These are aimed to give players more opportunities to play and get in some conditioning.

Practice Information on Tournament weekends-There is no practice for any age group on tournament weekends. March 14th and 21st are tournament weekends, so there will be no Sat. practice. We are trying to get some other clubs to bring their U12 players down for a scrimmage on a tournament weekend. If that happens, we will contact you.

General Tournament Information-For those of you that are new to Stryker and/or the club level sports, we wanted to give you a general idea of how tournaments run. Usually we receive the game schedule 3-4 days before the actual tournament day. At that time we will also post the teams, driving directions and anything else that we find out (on the Latest News and Tournament page). If you notice a mistake on the team lists, please email us right away. Also we base the teams on those that have confirmed availability on Team Snap. Most tournaments begin around 8 a.m. and end mid-afternoon. You will need to plan drive time accordingly. Also, players can make arrangements to carpool as well. We don’t arrange the driving but if you have no options, drop us a quick email and we can send out an email on Team Snap. You may be able to do the same.

Getting on Remind (to receive text messages)-Last minute directions and/or information can be texted if you are on Remind. Take a look at the communication page to see how to join.

Uniform information-We are hoping to receive the uniforms on Thursday and get them ready to hand out on Sat. and Sunday. Please come up a little early this weekend to allow extra time to hand out uniforms. U12 players will receive them at the next practice. If they aren’t in on time, we will use pinnies for this weekend and we will know by the time we post teams and schedules on Thursday.

Elite Team-We are looking at having our first session on March 28th. You will receive a more specific email in the next week or two regarding coaches, times, etc. Generally sessions will go from 2-3 with the U14 players being pulled during the 1st part of their practice. Again, we will have more details in the next week or so.

Cal Cup-This is a great end-of-season tournament down in Moorepark, CA during Memorial weekend. We have taken u14, U16 and U19 teams in the past and it is a great experience. Take a look at the flyer and let us know if you have any questions. Don’t let price hold you back as Coach Audri has volunteered to head up fundraising for those going on this tournament. We would love to take a U4 team again and add a u19 or U16 team depending on the ages of those signing up.