Gilroy Schedule and Teams

UPDATE: Here is the Gilroy team list. We had a few player and coaching changes and additions that had to be finished. Please arrive at the time assigned below.

NOTE: There are no practices for any team on tournament weekends-even if you don’t play on a Sat.

The schedule for this weekend has finally been sent to us. Here is the
schedule. We will post the team list tomorrow. We are still waiting to find out which coaches will be assigned to each team.

Please be to Gilroy by the assigned time below so that coaches can check in players and change teams if necessary. Be sure to wear indoor shoes (gym floor) and bring all of your hockey gear, water and some snacks.

U10 arrival time 8:00 Sun.
U12 arrival time 12:15 Sun.
U14 arrival time 8:30 Sat.
U16 arrival time 8:00 Sat.

Uniforms were not quite ready by this weekend so if you don’t have one, bring a reversible jersey or light and dark jersey to wear. The uniforms should be ready for the next practice.

Have a great time. Pick on one thing that you would like to work on this weekend. Share with your teammates and check in to see if they are reaching their goals.

Go Stryker

Gilroy Tournament

We are waiting on the schedule for this weekend’s Gilroy tournament. I wish we could give you specific information but we are dependent on the tournament organizer. We hope to post teams and schedules by Thursday evening.

As far as details, the tournament is on the gym floor so players must wear gym appropriate shoes (no cleats). Also, all sticks must have a strip of moleskin applied to the bottom of the stick. You can get this from CVS or similar. They will have some for sale but there are no guarantees that they will have any left. Also, you will need to have the same material if you have signed up for training or ELITE teams so it doesn’t hurt to have it and put in with your gear.

Thank you for your patience.