Practice for Today

Weather-As of noon the forecast on says the following:
4pm-45% scattered showers
5pm-60% rain and thunder

I would say that we are good to go. The U14 players might get a little wet. If it begins to pour, we will find shelter. U16 and U19 may get a little more moisture and may have to end a bit early if the forecast for 5 pm comes a little early. We will update one more time at 1 pm only if there are any changes.

Cal Cup is a huge tournament that takes place over Memorial weekend in Simi Valley, CA. We have been taking U14 teams down the past 3 years. This year we are hoping to take at least 1 (maybe two) U14 teams and a U16 or U19 team as well. The level will depend on the ages of those signing up. We will post the flyer later this week. We will need a commitment fairly soon. Also, we are planning to do fund raisers so the cost may go down quite a bit. Please don’t let finances be an issue.

Elite Training-Applications were due Feb. 14th. We are now full. We are working on the specific coaching and practice schedule and will contact each of you that applied. We are looking at 4 dates where you will practice in small groups with a specific coach from 2-3 on a Saturday. U14 players will be pulled from their practice at that time. We will update you as soon as everything is set in stone.

Communication-Please check that you are signed up for Team Snap and Remind. Also this is the place to get updated info as well.

Tournaments-In order to be on a tournament team, you must mark your availability on Team Snap. The Davis and Berkeley sign ups are closed BUT we still have some room on the teams. If you want to play you need to email us ASAP. It will be first-come-first-served. Be sure you have checked your availability for the remaining tournaments as sign ups will close for April tournaments in the next week.

Practice and Other Reminders

We know that many of you are on President’s Week break. Enjoy your time off. We plan to have practice both today and next Sat. at regular times. We also know that many of you are on school trips, vacations and/or are sick. We hope you have fun or get better soon and will see you out on the pitch.

TOURNAMENTS: Sign ups for Berkeley and Davis tournaments will close on Sunday at 5 pm. After that point, you will need to email us to be placed on a team. If teams are full, you will be put on a waiting list. Be sure to go to Team Snap to put in your availability for the remaining tournaments as well.

DUE DATES: Uniform orders, fleece jacket orders and elite practice team applications are due today as well. If you will not be attending today, please put these in the mail today and let us know that they are coming. 4566 Napa River Ct., SJ CA 95136. All checks should be written out to Stryker Field Hockey Club.

BC ALL-STAR TEAMS: We also wanted to let you know that Styrker is working with the local clubs to send an all-star U14 and U17 team to BC, Canada in June. If you are interested for this competitive opportunity, check out the flyer and send in your information as soon as possible.


Practice in ON!!!

Looks like our practice times will be virtually rain free. According to it says 0% from 2-5 so both groups should be good. I’d bring a jacket or similar just in case there are some rain drops. We will see you out there....U14 teams from 2-4 and U16 and U19 from 3-5.

Also, if you haven’t signed up for Remind or Team Snap, they are our main methods (in addition to this website). Please refer to our communication.

Uniform and elite teams applications are due by Feb. 14th.

Lastly, we are combining with other Bay Area teams to take an All-Star U17 and U14 to Vancouver, BC in June. Check out the tournament flyer and let us know if you would like to attend.


We will update this page tomorrow by 1 p.m. to let you know whether or not there will be practice. As of 7 p.m. tonight it looks as if it will be clear until 4 with only a 10-30% chance. Unless there is a continued downpour or lightning, we will be practicing.