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Stryker Field Hockey Club is committed to developing field hockey skills at every level.
Athletes will learn specific skills, strategies and teamwork. Our particular goal is to create
a field hockey community with a genuine love of the sport and a mutual respect for all players.
The club's coaches come from various backgrounds, years of playing and coaching experience.
Skills will be developed through practice sessions starting in February and running through
the end of May. There are several tournaments hosted by local colleges and high schools throughout the season.

Please check the registration page for all of the forms, dates, time, and requirements.

Stryker Team members will be required to sign up for tournaments. Participation is on a first-come-first-serve basis and waiting lists will be created depending upon the level of interest and space available for each tournament. Players will be required to attend the practices that lead up to a particular tournament. Practices are generally on Saturdays for two hours at Branham High School and Thursday for the Training Team Members. Elite Team will practice on Tuesdays. Be sure to continually check the website latest news for any updates to the schedule, teams and/or times.
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The majority of communication with be through this website, however updates will also be posted on the Stryker Facebook page. In addition, the website Team Snap will be used to send out club-wide emails and allow players to sign up for tournaments. All Stryker players must log into Team Snap and enter their contact information and tournament availability. Players will be sent an invitation email. We will also use Remind which will be used to contact you through text messaging.

In order to allow a variety of athletes to participate in a field hockey club, Stryker Field Hockey has made an effort to keep the enrollment costs down. The price includes all practices, field rental, club equipment, coaching costs and entrance fees to all tournaments (except Cal Cup)-uniforms are an additional cost. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, a payment plan or have any other financial questions, please contact us at strykerfieldhockeyclub@gmail.com.

Stryker Field Hockey Club is continuously working to provide top-level coaching for its players. To find out more about the Stryker coaching staff click here. If you are interested in being involved at a part-time or full-time capacity or simply would like more information about the schedule, financial opportunities, and requirements contact us at strykerfieldhockeyclub@gmail.com

President-Julia Wilbanks
Secretary-Peggy Gordon
Treasurer-Alexis Hoekstra

Additional Conributors:
Manager-Justine Huntze
Head Coach-Karin Mirassou at
Director-Tina Parrott at
Head U12 Coach-Paul Hoedstra
Head U14-Denise Eachus
Head U16 Coach-Audri Whiting
Head U19 Coach-Jessica Hendricks

Cal Cup Tournament Coordinator-OPEN
Under 19 Team Coordinator-OPEN
Under 16 Team Coordinator-OPEN
Under 14 Team Coordinator-OPEN
At-large members-

We are currently looking for volunteers to serve on the board in the following positions: Vice-President, U-19 Team Coordinator, U-16 Team Coordinator, U-14 Team Coordinator, Cal-Cup Team Coordinator and at-large members. We meet once an month and you can get as involved as you wish. If you are interested or want more information, contact Tina Parrott.

The Stryker Field Hockey Club began in 2009 by Karin Mirrassou and Kelli Mirassou Nurenburg as an extension of local high school teams of the Campbell Union High School District and greater San Jose Area. Originally named Strikker (the two Ks for Karin and Kelli), the team became Stryker (Stryker is a family of eight-wheeled army vehicles that rely on speed and communication) in 2011 as the coaches joined forces with Tina Parrott, with help from Sue Bell (of Stanford Lightning), and began to establish itself as a non-profit status club. It currently serves around one hundred girls, ages 8 through 18.